I’m so excited to introduce to you CREU//MAKE, an exhibition curated by Jwrnal and Oriel Davies, Newtown. Opening Saturday 17th November.

Just like printed Jwrnal #1, the aim is to take you on a journey, because really, that’s just what I’m doing. In ways, it’s a geographical journey. We will visit all corners of Wales uncovering pockets of creativity atop the hills, along the coastline and within the valleys. In other ways, it’s a journey of discovery. Discover craft through process, material and product. 

The aim? To discover what it means to make. How are we going to do that? By introducing you to the people who make it.

'To make is to create.'

‘To bring into being by forming, shaping, or altering material’. 

In a world of mass-produced products, man-made materials and an ever-increasing amount of screen time, all of which are in most cases, unavoidable, sometimes it’s the small things that allow you to stop, think and appreciate. 

The products on display vary greatly in form, shape and appearance, yet they all share the same groundworks. Each product you will discover is made by hand.  Methods of craftsmanship are showcased that have been used for hundreds, and hundreds of years. The cutting, the carving, the weaving, the turning - each process represents centuries of traditional craft and making.

Discover the beauty and versatility of natural resources. Wood, wool, clay, paper are just a few. With such materials, the story of a product starts long before it falls into the hands of the maker. Where it goes from there depends on how it is then made. 

But what really makes the exhibition, is the people within it. The people that have made it and the people that have helped to make it. My part is small. I have the privilege and the opportunity to introduce you to these makers and their work. My part is the fun bit, so please, come and enjoy it too. 

An opening event on Saturday 17th November will run from 3 pm - 5 pm. Join us and let's toast to the brilliant showcase of makers and creatives on display.

The exhibition will run through till the end of January 2019, so there is no excuse to miss it!

Sarah x



A huge thank you goes to the fantastic photographers who’s work is also featured in the exhibition,

the talented filmmakers who have allowed us to watch further into the live’s of the Makers, their process and their inspiration,

to the generous sponsors for allowing it all to happen,


+ of course, to Steffan and the brilliant team at Oriel Davies.

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