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It is such a pleasure and a privilege to share with you an incredible showcase of work from makers in Wales.

I am overwhelmed by the amount of talent, craftsmanship, the stories, the people, the places and the diversity of natural materials that are represented here in this gallery today.

Over the year I have been working on Jwrnal, I have met a really brilliant bunch of people doing amazing things in Wales.

This, is my way of saying thank you to those people for their enthusiasm, their talent and their contribution to what is a much wider creative community in Wales. One that I am proud to be a part of.

It's been a real pleasure to work alongside the amazing team here at the gallery who have helped to make this happen, especially to Steffan, Alex, Rhian, Frank, Neil and Matthew, and the generous sponsors who have contributed towards it's production.

The aim behind this exhibition is to discover, to learn and to enjoy. So please, do all of those things!


Mae’n bleser ac anrhydedd i rhannu trawsdoriad eang o waith gwneuthurwyr yma yng Nghymru. Dwi wedi cael fy syfrdanai gan y talent, y crefftwaith, y storiau, y pobl, y llefydd ac trawsdoriad o ddeunydd naturiol sydd yn cael ei gynrychioli yma heddiw.

Dros y flwyddyn diwethaf dwi wedi bod yn gweithio ar Jwrnal, dwi ‘di cwrdd a criw anhygoel o bobl sydd yn brysur yn gwneud pethau gwych yng Nghymru.

Dyma fy ffordd i o ddweud diolch ir pobl yna, am ei brwdfrydedd, am ei talent, ac am ei cyfraniad ir gymuned greadigol yng Nghymru. Cymuned dwi’n falch iawn ohoni.

Mae wedi bod yn bleser i gydweithio gyda’r tim anghygoel yma yn y galeri sydd wedi gwneud yr arddangosfa yn 'reality'. Diolch arbenning i Steffan, Alex, Rhian, Frank, Neil a Matthew, ac ir noddwyr hael am ei cyfraniad.

Bwriad yr arddangosfa yw darganfod, i ddysgu and i fwynhau, felly plis, cewch amdani!

Open until January 31st 2019

The Park, Newtown SY16 2NZ

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Thank you to David White for the photographs.

Thank you to David White for the photographs.

y Casgliad Jwrnal // Jwrnal Selects

As an addition to the Exhibition, I also worked along side Rhian, Oriel Davies Retail Manager, to curate a selection of some of the best independent makers and small businesses in Wales for a special ‘Y Casgliad Jwrnal//Jwrnal Selects’. Here you will find knitwear, prints, accessories, spoons, bowls and soaps. The best from Wales.

Go take a look!

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