Inspired by Nature

 Inspired by Nature is an ongoing collection of short documentaries by filmmakers Hollie Harmsworth and Graham Cooper aka Follow Films. The series will look at designers, makers and producers who take their inspiration from nature and the great outdoors. Hollie introduces their first in the series, featuring Snowdonia based artist and maker; Hannah Wardle

Words by Hollie Harmsworth

The idea behind the project has developed from our own personal love for nature, spending time outdoors and understanding the positive impact it has on our lives. Living in North Wales we are surrounded by ‘Adventure Tourism’ and a lot of the work we do as Follow has been to promote such activities on offer here. However, for this project we wanted to look at how our landscapes are not just places for epic adventures and extreme experiences but places that inspire our creativity, places full of unique, inventive and skilled people. A chance to appreciate the finer details of our landscapes.

My background is in art and design and I’ve always been fascinated by people who make with their hands. I love to watch them work and listen to them talk about their craft. They always speak with such passion and enthusiasm for what they do that their positivity becomes infectious and you want to hear more and know more about it. Unfortunately, you can’t bottle that enthusiasm, but you can film it and share it around and hopefully it will inspire many more people!

"It’s our first real passion project, away from the commercial work we do. We wanted the chance to go out and make films just for the sheer joy of it again"

The first of our films features Hannah Wardle, an artist and lighting designer from North Wales. Her work looks at the details of nature, the natural repetition of organic structures and the patterns formed from light. Based in Snowdonia, Hannah finds herself surrounded by an abundance of beauty in an ever-changing landscape. The perfect place to create.