Meet Carmarthen's new Gin, with a 'J'.



"First things first: we are Jin Talog with a “J”– because that is how we spell “gin” in Welsh. Talog is a great place to live – we make gin in Talog – we call it Jin Talog (of course)."


Q. How do I make the best JnT?

A.With loads of ice, one part gin, two parts tonic. No slice needed but we’re not the gin police!


Q. And where would this be best experienced in our current Ibiza like weather?

A. In the shade of a Welsh country garden, bees buzzing, foxgloves in full bloom, glimmer of a stream in the distance and very close to a fridge!



Q. Did I hear you use wool to package your Jin?

A. It is incredibly important to us to be sustainable, minimise plastics and to use local materials. We have Balwen rare breed sheep who’s fleece is of little value for spinning. We researched how to clean them using minimum water and no soaps. Suint is an ancient method of harnessing the sweat in the fleece to ferment with the lanolin. We leave it in the warmth of our greenhouse for a few weeks in our pure spring water. Once rinsed, dried and carded it is ready to use. Recipients can use it for crafts or compost it. No waste!

Diolch David & Anthony! Now, to the fridge.


David & Anthony

We are Carmarthenshire’s only dedicated gin distillery. Gin is our passion and we don’t make anything else- we focus simply on what we are good at – going to great lengths to make the best quality gins.

Welsh boys, moved to London, spent too long in the corporate world, made good, returned to Wales to get our hands dirty and produce something tangible from our labour - rare breed sheep and gin.