Join the team at Farmers’

Nestled amongst the Cambrian Mountains sits a farm. This is no ordinary farm. Built on innovation, entrepreneurship and team work, this farm is a hive of creativity and is shipping handmade creams, scrubs, balms and oils made from homegrown lavender to stores all over the world.

They’re looking for a new member of their team. Fancy it? I do.


Farmers’ Lavender was founded by Nancy, a former international journalist and Bill, an Oxford philosopher back in 2003. Nancy and Bill will be no stranger to those who have a copy of Jwrnal #01 as in early Summer last year, the two kindly invited me to their home to find out what they are up to. Farmers’ had been high up on my list of places to visit since starting Jwrnal, and if it’s not on yours already - it should be.

You can learn all about Farmers’ here; their products, process and their story and you can follow what they’re up to on a daily basis here.


From just a short stay at the farm I knew it was a special place. The warm greeting, the friendly and engaged team, the beautiful, tranquil setting and above all - the quality products. Nancy runs a tight ship. She is confident, creative, caring and conscientious and will introduce you to each member of her team by first name - the sign of a good boss. Each summer the team doubles in size with returning locals and new members coming to help at busier times. They work hard and play hard. At lunch they’ll play music and in the heat of summer they’ll swim in the pond.

So let’s talk more about this job opportunity, because I truly believe it’s like no other.


‘Marketing and Sales Assistant for a vibrant and successful company distributing products worldwide. Roles will include distribution, product development, attending fairs, trade shows, assisting with production, being customer-facing and more. Full on-the-job training is provided with no previous experience required.’

You could swap Maesmynis for an East London address and there would be no difference - except an arguably better view from the office window. A successful and thriving business, a growing brand, a quality product. An opportunity to access a wealth of knowledge and skills.


This role has been made available through a Welsh Government initiative to encourage young people to stay and work in Wales. Therefore the candidate must be between 18-24 years old and living in Wales.

If you were to offer this to my 18, perhaps even 24 year-old self, I may have turned my nose up. It took me quite a few years out of Wales to realise the opportunities available within it. Perhaps businesses like Nancy’s weren’t around back then. Now, Wales is brimming with examples of rural entrepreneurship. The big city, the bright lights - they’re fun for some, but trust me it won’t beat a dip in the Farmers’ pond on a hot Summer’s day, but that’s just me.

Perhaps like me you’re tempted to take some Tip Ex to your birth certificate. But better still, pass along the opportunity to someone who might just thrive in it.