Winter Tea

By Lucie aka Liliwen Herbs

winter tea loose.JPG

At this time of year I blend up a big batch of my Winter Tea. It's made from three wonderful herbs - Calendula, Sage and Red Clover. Not only does it look and taste great, (probably the prettiest of my teas if I say so myself), but each of the herbs has a historic use for winter season ailments. Calendula has many uses: taken internally it is soothing and anti-inflammatory and is said to help bring down a fever or high temperature. Sage is a strong antiseptic herb, useful for tackling a sore throat (I gargle with neat Sage infusion if I've got a really bad throat). Finally, Red Clover is a traditional ingredient in cough remedies, and gives the tea a pleasant taste, reminiscent of a hay meadow! This blend is gently supportive, and you don't need to wait until you feel ill to try some!


winter tea in tin copy.jpg

Liliwen Herbs is based on a smallholding in the Carmarthenshire hills, run by herb-grower and experienced organic gardener, Lucie Scott. We grow herbs for cooking, tea-drinking and for health and wellbeing. Everything is done naturally using methods that support and nourish the land and plants, using no agrichemicals detrimental to human, animal or plant health