Meet Marie Palbom, a Danish lifestyle and brand portrait photographer based in Cardiff.

Hi Marie! So tell us, what are you up to these days?

Marie Palbom. I’m currently photographing lots of cool makers and squishy newborns and cool families! I feel really fortunate with the clients and the projects I get to shoot.

And what was your background before that?

M.P I’ve got a degree in Graphic Communication but have been photographing since I was 11-12years old. I worked as a graphic designer till I was pregnant with my oldest but it never gave me the happiness and sense of achievement that the photography does now! 

What are your favourite subjects to capture through photography and film?

M.P I’ve been through many different areas of photography but nothing make me as happy and buzzing as when I photograph people. It can be makers, families, fashion - anything to do with connecting with people and capturing their emotions. This is also why I absolutely LOVE photographing makers as they are so passionate about their work and everything they make is personal. On my ‘love to work with’ list are wood turners and  something with wool - I’m drawn to the gritty makers hands! 

Lucy from  Dippy Egg .

Lucy from Dippy Egg.

Let's talk about capturing makers and creatives in their homes and studios; how do you tell the story of the 'making' through photos and film?

M.P My approach to capturing makers is very relaxed! We’ll start of with a pre-shoot chat/coffee where I get a feel of what kind of personality the maker has and just get to hang out a bit together- this helps the maker feel like I’m not a complete stranger coming into their world. Then on the shoot day I will spend either half a day or a full day hanging out with the maker capturing them doing what they do best! It’s a mix of them doing what they love and me guiding things along to make sure we get all the important shots.

I (try to) only use natural light so I don’t show up with a bit setup - my aim is for it to feel as relaxed as possible!

Rowena Haines from  Season and Print 

Rowena Haines from Season and Print 

Tell us about Cardiff; the creative scene, the people you have met and worked with…

M.P Cardiff is such a hub for creatives! 

I have met and subsequently worked with makers I have met through Rhiwbina Handmade Market and The Monday Club. I’ve also connected with loads of locals through instagram and love to follow newly discovered makers. 

In my downtime I’ve started to make kids clothes with an other maker-friend Lucy from DippyEgg and we are slowly building our portfolio - you can find us on instagram @we.make.twig

I come from a maker family and I’m only happy when making/producing things!