There’s a guerrilla upholsterer on the loose with a mission in mind; to make life more comfortable.

Bus shelter chair at Glangwili

Bus shelter chair at Glangwili

From bus stops to bird hides, the Guerrilla Upholsterer (GU) is on a mission to make public spaces just that little bit comfier. By far one of the best projects I’ve been made aware of over the last year. A mixture of art, craft, public service, sustainability and practicality. Basically; genius.

Bus Stop Chair near Crai

Bus Stop Chair near Crai

The GU may wear a gorilla mask during his missions, but there’s much more to it than just fun and games. Each piece of upholstered furniture is created using waste materials, either found in the GU’s studio, or leftovers from projects and commissions. It’s not just any old material you’ll be sitting on, these fabrics may range from Liberty prints, Welsh woollen cloth or even a burst gym ball.

Bus stop chair at Slack Bottom, Heptonstall.

Bus stop chair at Slack Bottom, Heptonstall.

“I just do it for a laugh because I have all this waste product that’s left over. I used to work in marketing and advertising, so I know a bit about how valuable it is to have something else attached to your business that helps to promote the business but also puts it in a not too serious, not too boring light. That’s very important to me.”

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“Bespoke swing upholstered with the rubber from a burst gym ball.

By 'bespoke' I mean a piece of wood with a couple of holes in.

When my dad died a few years ago I took a very large spool of nylon rope from his garage and since then I've made a few basic swings in the woods with my daughter and her friends - it's the sort of thing that dads are supposed to do isn't it?”


A roll-up mattress now available to anyone getting caught in a storm at Llyn y Fan Fach.

It's made from a length of deckchair fabric I was kindly given by
Liliwen Herbs.


Not all upholstery missions are successful. Unimaginably, some local residents have interrupted what they consider as fly tipping, shouting and screaming at the Gorilla-masked man leaving beautiful furniture in a public space. Who’d have thought installing an art exhibition could be such a plight. Do we think Banksy has ever had this problem? An amusing story nonetheless, which you can read in full here.


The Guerrilla Upholster is,
well that would be telling,
wouldn’t it?