the whittlings' Pine Needle tea

by @thewhittlings aka David White


Pine needle tea is delicious, refreshing and contains more vitamin C than an orange! I make this as a warming drink when out working green wood in woodland/forest.



Crush picked needles with a pestle and mortar, or better between two stones outside. For a stronger, more medicinal tea, finely chop the needles. 

Steep the needles and a few leaves of the Chinese tea in boiling water for 5min. Again, for a stronger, more medicinal tea boil the leaves first in water for 5min before steeping the tea.

Add honey to taste and remove the needles/strain. I like to leave the needles in and simply push them to the bottom. 



  • Small handful of fresh needles from any pine tree (with needles), apart from Yew, which is fairly easy to identify. Scots Pine is my favourite. 

  • Hot water

  • Lapsang souchong (Chinese smoked Tea) - a few loose leaves or a teabag. 

  • Honey to taste

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Brought up in north Wales, David studied visual communication before working in a series of communication agencies as designer. Starting a family took him back to rural Wales where he was able to diversify into artisan food photography and making from wood. The landscape and natural beauty of North Wales is a constant inspiration and indeed all the wood he uses is native to and sourced in North Wales. Taking a green woodworking approach to making in wood allows David a simple process - the use of a few sharp tools only and the ability to make anywhere outdoors. David makes  tableware for top restaurants, and sells one-off pieces online.