Kickstart Tom Frost's Letterpress Project

Llanboidy based Printmaker Tom Frost has embarked on a Kickstarter Adventure and you've got 12 days to get involved, here's how;


Hello, I'm Tom Frost, a printmaker living with my family in the small rural village of Llanboidy, Wales. I usually work from my home studio as a screen printer but have also illustrated books and designed cider labels, rum labels, greetings cards and match boxes. It's these match boxes that are the focus of this Kickstarter campaign.


The two designs, 'Calm Waters' and 'Home Fires' started out life as original screen prints. They have since enjoyed their time being turned into two distinctive letterpress match boxes that can be found in numerous retail outlets. When someone suggested they would like to have a much larger version for their walls, the idea was formed! So the simple aim is to turn these miniature pieces of art, that many people enjoy displaying on their mantlepieces and bookshelves, into something a great deal bigger and more impressive.


As a screen printer I don't have the training or the equipment to create these letterpress prints myself. This job will be handed over to the wonderfully knowledgable people at The Logan Press with me alongside, getting my hands inky in the process. They are the printers that have produced the match boxes in the past, so they know exactly what to do!

Each print will measure 70x70cms and be printed onto the sumptuously textural Cairn Straw Cream paper stock. A 320gsm 100% recycled stock and the same board used for the original match boxes.

The two prints will be printed on a large proofing press. With each print being three colours, to produce the final artworks, each print will require three large metal printing blocks. This is where the majority of the cost lies!

My hope would be to produce each of these artworks as a limited edition of 200. Each print will be stamped, signed and numbered by myself.