Last week, Jwrnal hosted an event in collaboration with touring supper club duo Tan a Mwg. Stories over Supper was an evening of good food, great people and storytelling. I think I can speak for everyone when I say we left full; not just of food, but of knowledge, enthusiasm, questions and wine, too.

Here’s what we learnt:


Preparation is key.

Serving dinner for nearly 50 guests is no mean feat for even the most experienced of chefs. Hannah and Derw wowed the guests with their hard work and sheer determination. Countless hours of preparation, fermentation, pickling, foraging, mixing and baking culminated in five courses of thoughtfully prepared food. It’s safe to say nobody went home hungry.


Gin gets everyone talking.

On arrival our guests were greeted by Alex from the maverick distillers and spirit makers; In the Welsh Wind. Alex’s do-it-yourself G’n’T bar where guests were invited to add their own flavourings started the evening off with bang.


There is a story behind all the food we eat.

Max Jones travelled all the way from West Cork to join us for the evening. His presence was just a small part in his journey to spread the word of the incredible creatures that are wild salmon. His animated and passionate tale of a salmon’s journey through life made everyone in the room stop still. The sometimes 6 year journey for this fish following the Earth’s magnetic field is full of challenges, by far the most detrimental being; us. Not ‘us’ the fisherman, but our society. Pesticides, construction, development, government laws and global warming all play a detrimental part in the future of this species.

”This is proper hair-raising food, where I am convinced that our mouths send our brain endorphin-releasing signals at how putting nutrients into our system that have come from half way across the globe can only be a good thing. What incredible food” @mfh_jones

The suspense of having this food in front of you, prepared and presented on a stone from the river, whilst listening to the story of how it came to be here was mesmerising. Many more questions were then raised about the fishing industry, consumerism, the effect we have on the environment; I could go on.

I can’t quite tell the story as well as Max, but I will certainly do my best to spread the word even further. Read more here.


Local is good.

Corinne joined us from Pembrokeshire to share with us her love for food and spread insight of how we can all ‘eat well in Wales’. Corinne gave us real -excuse the pun- food for thought. And in turn, I think everyone in the room might put a little more thought towards our food from now on.


Many hands make light work.

The nature of Tan a Mwg’s serving style is to share, and for the food to be shared, you need to share out the work, too. Ancient Grain Farotto, local greens and carrots cooked on the fire were served on long wooden planks meaning everyone had to get involved.


Keep asking questions.

When our speakers spoke; you listened, and even better - you asked questions. This is the whole point of the evening. There is always a worry that nobody will; the dread of an empty lecture hall with no hands up at Q&A time - it’s like organising a party and nobody turning up. But with the right crowd there is nothing to worry about. We actually had to shut you up at one point.


Continue the conversation.

Unknowingly, a seat at the table came with a responsibility, too. And without even realising it, I bet each one of our diners has taken upon their new role already. That responsibility is to continue the conversation. What we learnt need not be confined to that one room on that one evening.


and that’s a wrap.
A huge thank you to everyone who helped to make it happen. Until next time…

Thanks to Heather Birnie for capturing the event so beautifully as always!