It’s just two weeks to go until The Good Life Experience and I can’t wait. If you haven;’t yet got your ticket then, what are you waiting for? If you have then here’s some top picks from Jwrnal friends to make sure you tick off during the weekend. See you there!


Stitch a giant Supper Cloth with Stitch-School

Take part in creating a giant tapestry designed by one of our favourite ever printmakers; Tom Frost. The brilliant Stitch-School will be setting up a very special The Good Life Experience Supper Cloth; a 6’x2’ printed embroidery cloth, with needles and yarn at the ready and will need many hands to complete the work. It’ll take some serious stitching to get in finished in time for the end of the festival, so bring your friends along, too.

Stitch and quilt your own TGLE motif with Carpenter and Cloth

Emily from Carpenter and Cloth will be bringing some of her quilting stitch techniques over from West Wales for the weekend and will be found over in The Cutting Room. Emily is part of a micro community of makers that share space, skills, creativity and a common passion for enduring design and soulful craftsmanship. Emily works with the beautiful Cambrian Mountains Cloth, made from solely Welsh Wool and will have some of her handmade, quality gilets on display, too.


Do good for your gut with Kefir Cymru

Helen has started a side-project all for the love of our guts. Kefir is a fermented milk drink full of good bacteria - it may not sound that desirable to some, but it is seriously good for us and is actually delicious. Helen will be running scheduled sessions to learn about Kefir, make Kefir based smoothies and make overnight oats you can come back and enjoy the next morning.

Make a Life Jar with Rural Kind

Learn to cut, punch, burnish, rivet and hand stitch leather, and go home with your own indispensible Life Jar. Whether you want it to be a travel coffee mug, a soaked oats pot, a leak proof beer tankard or a camp utility jar, Rural Kind will teach you some simple leatherworking techniques to make a handsome leather sleeve to wrap around a super useful classic Kilner jar that you can use right away at TGLE 2019.


Scrub up with The Good Wash Co.

The Goodwash Co. philosophy is to feel good and do good. As a Welsh social enterprise the team give 100% of their profit to local projects that improve the lives of animals and people. They do this by supporting charities, groups and/or individuals to deliver projects that will, help the homeless find homes, find employment, training or volunteer opportunities for those suffering from poverty or social exclusion, improve animal welfare promote hygiene, all with a greater aim to protect and improve life on land and below sea. GWC work with many local Welsh businesses and social enterprises, including knitting circles to create their biodegradable carry bags, soy candles made in collaboration with other Welsh brands. Each product, promotes wellbeing for customer and also for the person who made it.

Co-founder Mandy will be pitching up in the Market Place with her wide range of products as well as popping up near water stations for you to wash those muddy paws before heading back to camp.

and there is SO MUCH MORE going on, far too much for just one newsletter post.

Last month’s newsletter was dedicated to all things TGLE. if you missed it then check it out here.

Sarah Hellen