An exhibition by Elen Bonner of Nythu.

Elen Bonner, founder of Nythu Handmade, has curated an exhibition at Ruthin Craft Centre, which will send you away inspired to go pick up a paintbrush and start to rearrange your furniture in order to add a range of beautiful handmade products to your home.

Aelwyd showcases a range of handwoven textiles, ceramics, framed prints and artwork, furniture, basketry and more, all beautifully curated into a dream home set-up.

You will find work displayed by Claire Cawte, Sarah Christensen, Mandy Coates, Ann Catrin Evans, Rosie Farey, Helen Flynn, Astrid de Groot, Simon Hulbert, Llio James, Sophie Schärer, Mick Sheridan, James and Tilla Waters, Neil Wilkin, Deiniol Williams, Yusuke Yamamoto.

Aelwyd, the title of this exhibition, is Welsh for hearth – a word synonymous with home. Through their material, making, story or use, the objects in this exhibition explore a deep-rooted sense of belonging and home.

Objects will include handwoven carthenni by Llio James that are refreshingly contemporary whilst continuing the tradition of Welsh textile design. Deiniol Williams’ unique vessels that incorporate stones and clay collected from the Welsh landscape. And Sophie Scharer’s lino-cut print compositions of well-worn and loved everyday objects.

In exploring the affinity we feel towards handmade objects, Aelwyd invites you to enjoy one possible path towards a contemporary Welsh interior.

You can catch the exhibition at Ruthin Craft Centre up until 13 October 2019, and I would definitely recommend a visit.

Photographs by Stephen Heaton // @stephenheatonphotography

Sarah Hellen